Learning Games For Kids

Try these ELA learning games designed for kids (and families) of all ages!

Rhyming Catch & Other Learning Games For Preschool & Kindergarten Kids

Practice remembering letters, parts of speech, sight words, and more with these learning games.

Planet Tag & Other Learning Games For Elementary Students

We've collected 14 ELA learning games for elementary kids that focus on vocabulary, reading, spelling, and writing.

Exquisite Corpse & Other Learning Games For Middle School Students

Here's over 10 ELA word games for middle school kids that you can play as a family.

Vocab Activities For Kids

Build your child's vocab with these activities and games.

Words In The News & Other Vocab Activities For Older Students

We’ve collected over 10 vocab activities to entertain—we mean teach—middle school students. You might even have a little bit of fun.

Making A Comic & Other English Vocab Activities For Bored Kids

Build your young child's vocabulary with these fun learning activities focused on different types of vocab. You might even learn a new word or two!

Constellation Search & More Science Vocab Activities For Kids

Science and English meet in these vocab activities for elementary students.

Kids Writing Activities

These writing tips and tricks will help your kid through all of their developmental writing stages.

Shaving Cream Writing & Other Games

If your kid is just learning how to write or is practicing the basics, these preschool and kindergarten activities are fun for them.

Writing Prompts Give Kids A Place To Begin

The first step on every writing journey is a prompt!

Scary Stories & Other Inspiring Writing Activities For Kids

Writing activities perfect for middle-school kids to get them to practice writing and to channel their creativity.

Cloud Writing & More Activities For Elementary Kids

We’ve compiled a variety of writing activities for elementary-aged children to practice their writing skills within 6 themes including poetry, weather, and space

Practice Writing With Some Assistance

The Thesaurus.com writing tool offers grammar checking plus synonym swapping to build kids’ skills.

Kids English Grammar Check & Help

Our free grammar help and tips check all the educational boxes for both students and parents.

Get Grammar Help For Every Level

Survive our grammar game shows, learn to understand confusing words, and more.

Can You Ace This Middle School Punctuation Quiz?

Pump up kids' writing skills with punctuation tips and tests.

Try Our Free Grammar Tools

Thesaurus.com’s free grammar checker catches mistakes and helps kids learn too.

Can You Compete In Our Grammar Game Show?

YES, grammar can be fun ... keep watching!

Are You As Smart As An Elementary Student? Try This Punctuation Quiz!

Punctuation marks help make writing easy to read and understand. How well do you know how to use them? Find out in this quiz!

How To Make Screen Time Educational

weedic.com doesn’t just spell F-U-N. We give you teaching activities to help kids learn while watching TV.

Twitterpated, Enchanted, & Infinity: A Disney Movie Vocab Challenge

Can watching Disney movies get kids to exercise and boost literacy? Try this fun activity!

A Harry Potter Vocabulary Challenge For Kids

Learn the meanings of words like "luna," "hufflepuff," and "potter" in this HP challenge!

Inconceivable! Play ’80s Movie Vocab Bingo

Family movie night meets Bingo. Bring on the friendly competition!

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