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    Update: Voting has closed, and the winner of’s March Madness Slang Competition is Karen! We started this contest with 64 words, and now after the highly anticipated face-off between our final two, Karen and OK boomer, we have a winner. It’s Karen! So who is Karen, anyway? According to our definition, Karen is a mocking slang term for an entitled, obnoxious, middle-aged white woman. Especially …

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    Update: Voting in the Final Four has ended! Check out the championship round! It’s time to vote on round five of our slang competition at! After four intense rounds of competition, our March Madness slang bracket has been narrowed down to the Final Four: Karen, OK boomer, low-key, and the struggle is real. The remaining four words in our contest represent an intriguing mix …

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    Obviously game shows about words are our favorite, and now we've gone international. How many of these British slang words will you guess?
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    It’s time to vote on round four of our slang competition at! There are only a handful of words left on’s March Madness bracket, but the competition is just heating up. Last week, you voted on our Sweet Sixteen, and you wasted no time knocking out terms like big mood, hold my beer, and sorry not sorry.  In a surprising upset, the 16-seed …